The Chinese company Envision in France, specialized in intelligent energy management

Published on 18 02 2019

Could you please present your company and your project in France and in Europe?

Co-founded in 2007, Envision Energy is the world’s largest smart energy asset management company and a global leader in smart wind turbine and wind power technology. It is committed to creating a sustainable future by revolutionizing the energy industry through advanced technologies. Its global operations span across Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America.

In 2015, the Ecoswing superconductive generator project led by Envision’s Global Innovation Centre in Denmark received €12.5 million in funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. (The funding is for the consortium of multiple companies managing the project).

Envision is building a global energy ecosystem by cooperating with the world’s leading businesses in this sector and strategically investing in companies: the world’s largest EV charging network company ChargePoint; the leading smart grid big data provider AutoGrid; the largest European energy storage company Sonnen; and the European renewable energy asset management software company BazeField. In 2016, Envision Energy also acquired Velocita Energies, a French company with expertise in developing, funding, deploying and operating wind farms, with a portfolio of 450 MW in wind projects. To date, Velocita Energies has invested €300 million in the development and construction of wind farms in France, including one of the country’s largest that includes 54 wind turbines with a generating capacity of 153 MW. Envision is also a founding partner of the Energy IoT and Smart Cities Technology Alliance, along with Accenture, Microsoft and ARM. 

Today, thanks to its EnOS™ platform (the energy sector’s first smart IoT platform), which connects energy generation systems, EV charging networks, storage batteries and intelligent electrical terminals, Envision Energy manages over 100 GW of global renewable energy assets around the world. 


What do you think about the website ( launched by the French President in June 2017? Will this site have an impact on your development in France?

This is a great initiative and only a start for greater things to come. It’s important to develop and expand this website as France’s global initiative takes shape and brings together private and public partners in countries around the world. It’s important that people and governments alike understand the power of this initiative and the need to collaborate. It’s also important for us all to see how we can contribute to Make Our Planet Great Again.


What kind of support did you get from Business France?

The Business France Investment Division promotes and facilitates international investment in France and offers complete, free of charge and confidential services to Chinese investors setting up or expanding a company in France. Envision has built a relationship with Business France which provided an overview of the French business environment.