France’s Climate Plan


The fight against climate change must change scale and become irreversible. On the initiative of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, France is swinging into action with a bold Climate Plan. Presented in July 2017, it contains a series of ambitious and innovative measures to embed the objectives of the Paris Agreement in public action and to involve all actors in this global fight. With this plan, France is speeding up its commitment to achieve energy and climate transition on its own territory, within the European Union and at the international level.

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To all responsible citizens:

On the 1st of June, President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement, which gathered more than 190 countries united against climate change. This decision is unfortunate but it only reinforced our determination. Don’t let it weaken yours. We are ONE planet and Together, we can make a difference.
France has always led fights for human rights. Today, more than ever, we are determined to lead (and win!) this battle on climate change.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France.